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Our Team

Employees of IT plus Japan belong to various nationalities who speak many languages to serve customers better. Its clients have the comfort of dealing with IT Plus in their own language.

IT Plus General

IT Plus Corporation

IT Plus Corporation

Sales Department

Vidura Gamage

Mr. Vidura Gamage

Awishka Dulshan

Mr. Awishka Dulshan

Awishka Dulshan

Ms. Menusha Dabare

Gayan Chamara

Mr. Gayan Chamara

Sandun Chaturanga

Mr. Sandun Chaturanga

IT Plus, as a vehicle exporter, has developed its' systems with latest technology with human touch to make it very much user friendly to deal with it. The web site is daily updated with latest comprehensive data and the friendly staff is always ready to assist their clients to go through their buying procedure in a smooth way.